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Quarter Window Vents (Pair) For Miata NA/NB

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The part that Mazda should have added on the Miata from the beginning! It took us 3 years to develop them but they are finally there!

FIRST BATCH: 100 anodized silver sets, 100 anodized black sets

We used the best materials and techniques we could find on the market:

  • The window is made with tempered glass and curved like the OEM glass
  • The frame is plastic injected (ASA Material)
  • The seals are overmolded (TPU material)
  • The handles and fittings are made with 304 stainless steel for the maximum strength
  • The other visible parts are made with CNC Aluminum

Note that you will have to reuse the OEM seal and fit it around the frame. The installation takes around 30 minutes for both sides. You will need to remove your door cards,the door top pads and the windows to install those.

  • 2 versions available: Anodized black or anodized silver
  • The window vent is mounted on the frame by two shafts which allow it to rotate up to 50°
  • UV resistant
  • Rain proof (IPX3 – Self Tested)
  • Fits NA and NB
  • Sold as a pair

Important: Make sure that the long part of the frame which goes into the door is in the right position when you put it back! This is very important to keep the windows waterproof. We highly recommend to use new seals everywhere you can for the car to be as waterproof as possible. Do not use high pressure washer directly on the window seals!

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Anodized Black, Anodized Silver

1 review for Quarter Window Vents (Pair) For Miata NA/NB

  1. Miataaaaaaaa

    I got those vents after waiting over a year for them to come out and I have to say they are amazing and really bring a classic look to the Miata and work as intended. Well done!

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