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Rear Subwoofer Panel For Miata NB/Mk2

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This panel sits on the rear shelf just behind the 2 seats. It allows two 6 inches speakers (6.5 inches with a little cutting) to be fitted. You won’t be able to complain about the lack of good audio in your Miata anymore!

Note that once you put the carpet back, the installation is invisible.

Screws will be offered with each panel.

Specifications (for the CF version):

– 3K Carbon Fibre 1×1 twill (Made in Japan)

– 240g+450g Carbon Fibre/Carbon Kevlar manufactured using vacuum bag process

– 45 degree weaving

– Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection

Additional information


Polyurethane, Carbon Fiber, Yellow Carbon Kevlar

1 review for Rear Subwoofer Panel For Miata NB/Mk2

  1. itsuknowho (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the subwoofer panel to add some additional bass to my NB8B without loosing what little boot space i already have. Currently i have a set of 6.5″ Morel components and just wanted to add an additional kick for the low end.

    – No other product like it on the market!
    – The FPR is really strong and is is really well made.
    – Install looks OEM if you dont cut your carpet.
    – The added bass can be felt through the stock MX5 / Miata seats (your experience may vary depending on your stereo setup)

    – Fitment isn’t 100%, but its FRP so i was prepared for a little adjustment of mounting holes (enlarging) and some minor alignment troubles.
    – Because of the above i broke one mounting tab the sits against the rear panel (behind the seat)
    – Speaker holes aren’t 6″ they are more like 6.25″ and so there isn’t enough FPR material for the Speaker / Sub to be screwed into, (in my experience) i will need to make a custom ring mount for it to be perfect or use some adhesive and glue them in.

    All in all very happy with the product for the price and even with COVID19 making shipping unreliable i had my order within 6 weeks.
    Also the packaging was incredible, the items are so well wrapped in bubble wrap and foam it took a sold 5 mins just to get it out of the box.

    Strongly recommend this item if your looking to add some extra sound to your vehicle.

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