When buying items on this site, buyer must fully understand that products are made by hand and therefore that every item will not be 100% same as the others made. Imperfections such as small air bubbles, small scratches or "hairs" of fabric in the clearcoat are normal and cannot be avoided. The weights listed on our website are fore reference only. We put a lot of work to make all our items install as easy as we can but buyer must know that some fitment and modification are necessary. We recommend customers to find a professional shop to install parts on their car. This is to prevent scratches, cracks or other problems during the installation.

Those parts MUST NOT be used on the streets. Carbon fiber and fiberglass are strong materials but not as strong as steel, during a crash, the carbon can break quite easily. It is the buyer's responsibility to use our items on his car. We recommend using our parts only on the track in a safe environment.


We try to keep an inventory for all the parts but it happens that a lot of orders come in for a certain reference and as we only have one set of molds and that they are entirely made by hands it sometimes takes more time to make the parts. Therefore we prefer to announce a 45-60 days production time if the item is not in stock. This is due to the high demand of our products and that we need time to make quality parts! If you are in a hurry, we advise you to contact us prior the purchase to make sure we have the item in stock! For the delivery we mainly use EMS and the China post to handle our parcels and it can take between 10 to 15 days to reach the final destination. We can also use DHL if you are in a hurry. In that case, please let us know before the purchase so that we can recalculate the exact fee.


We ship all our products from Shanghai, China. We are not responsible for the import taxes which occur at the country of destination. Different destinations have different ways of dealing with parcels from Asia. For example if you are located in the USA, you won't have to pay any taxes on arrival but if you are in Europe you might!


We package all of our items carefully and with strong packaging materials.  Items are rarely damaged in shipping. However, if this does occur, please REFUSE the parcel and DO NOT sign the airway bill. EMS will then send us back to us for free and we can immediately send you a replacement. If you see that the package is damaged, try to ask the delivery guy to check inside the parcel if the part is broken. Most of the times they let you check before signing the receipt.

If you already opened the parcel and realize it's damaged than please contact us, we do not offer refunds but we will send a replacement.


It is our desire for you to be completely happy with your purchase but due to China banning the import of car parts, we cannot accept any returns.


You can cancel your order within 24 hours. Past this time, 20% of the item(s) retail value will be kept as a cancellation fee. This is because we have a lot of orders and we want to offer the best service we can. Thank you for your understanding.

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