8 Pieces Wide Overfenders Kit (Type 3) For Miata NA/Mk1


This is our brand new widebody kit composed of 8 panels.
The rear overfenders fits perfectly on the rear quarters and go all the way down in the front of the rear wheels. The front fenders are complete replacements and also have 2 small pieces in the front to finish the look against the OEM front bumper.
They also give a unique style to your Roadster: Wider, meaner, more agressive.
- Fits on existing fenders
- Can be riveted on the body for a raw racing look
- Allow you to run 15x9 or even 15x10 wheels with negative offset
- Add 70 mm clearance on each side in the rear and 50 mm in the front.
Made with high quality fiberglass or carbon fiber, they are perfect for people willing to run wider wheels and change the design of their roadster.


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