Retro Side Markers

Those beautiful side markers will give a vintage cue to your Miata. They fit NA, NB and NC and are sold as a pair.
You will get everything you need to fit, which is extremely simple and can be done with just the wheel removed and arch liner (If fitted) peeled back slightly.
What you get is:

   2 x Stainless Steel light Units
   2 x Light Bulb Holders
   2 x Stainless steel washers
   2 x Rubber washers
   4 x Electrical Crimp Connectors
   4 x mounting washers and nuts
Installation guide:
Once you have gained access to behind the fender, and removed the standard unit the process is:

Remove light bulb from std bulb holder, and plug into new bulb holder.
Slide new bulb holder into new light unit.
Fix electrical connectors onto cables (you can do this just with some pliers / grips)
Metal washer goes behind the light unit, followed by rubber washer.
Connect the 2 electrical cables to back of the bulb holder and place mounting washers over each of the threads on the back of the unit followed by nuts and slowly tighten up until unit is fully secured.


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