Complete Doors For Miata NB/Mk2

We can make carbon fiber doors for your Miata. Not just a skin. The whole door 100% identical as the OEM one with all the recessed areas, power windows holes and speaker access. You can have a look at our pictures.
Those are available in:
- CF: full carbon fiber outer skin and carbon fiber structure (around 3 kg per door - 6.6 pounds)
- CFRP: carbon fiber outer skin with fiberglass structure (around 5 kg per door - 11 pounds)
- FRP: fiberglass outer skin with fiberglass structure (around 7 kg per door - 15 pounds)
For info, the OEM door weighs 22 kg/50 lbs and if stripped 15 kg/32 pounds so the weight saving is huge!!! Especially if you don't put back the doors cards, speakers, handles, power windows etc...
Pricing is for a pair of doors.
You can choose Carbon Kevlar instead of Carbon Fiber at no extra cost.
Those weights are without the bars in the doors. You can choose between wood and aluminium for those. (the aluminium bars are around 1 kg/piece so if you have a full cage or look for maximum weight saving, don't put them on and save even more weight!).
Being one of the most difficult parts to manufacture, some DIY WILL be needed to fit the doors on the car.
This item is considered as bulky by the express companies so it can take more time to be delivered to you.


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