Fender Flares For Miata NA/Mk1 and NB/Mk2


These fender flares fits perfectly on your existing fenders. Made with high quality carbon fiber/carbon kevlar or fiberglass, they are perfect for people willing to run wider wheels (+30MM).
They also give a unique style to your Roadster: Wider, meaner, more agressive. We attached a lot of importance to the fitment of this piece so we can ensure you a really good fit. No DIY, trimming, cutting required!!! Only sanding, painting and fitting!
Those flares have been designed on the NA body but fit well on the NB body. As you see on the pictures, the front flares have a little bulge which the NB bumper doesn’t have but it’s easy to modify or even keep it like it is…
Thanks to Lander L. for the nice pictures!
- 3K Carbon Fibre 1x1 twill (Made in Japan)
- 240g+450g Carbon Fibre/Carbon Kevlar manufactured using vacuum bag process
- 45 degree weaving
- Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection
- Weight: 0.4kg/side for fiberglass and 0.3 kg/side for carbon fiber
Available in Fiberglass (FRP), Carbon Fiber (CF) and Carbon Kevlar (CK). You can select the material to see the price (price is  for a set of 4).
If you need only one side or one piece, shoot us an email: info@carbonmiata.com


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