Recessed Trunk For Miata NA/Mk1

This trunk replaces the Miata OEM metal trunk. With its recess it gives the rear of the car a whole different look.
Made with high quality carbon fiber, it only weighs 3.2 KG (7 Pounds) against 7.2 Kg (15 Pounds) for the OEM one.
We advise to remove the trunk springs as our trunk is much lighter so to prevent from the trunk threads to be damaged, you should remove the springs!
- 3K Carbon Fibre 1x1 twill (Made in Japan)
- 240g+450g Carbon Fibre/Carbon Kevlar manufactured using vacuum bag process
- 45 degree weaving
- Anti-UV gloss clear coating for a long lasting shine and protection
Available in Fiberglass (FRP), Carbon Fiber (CF) and Forged Carbon (FC). You can select the material to see the price.


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