Wide Overfenders Kit For Miata NC/Mk3


These rear and front overfenders fits perfectly on your existing fenders. Made with high quality fiberglass or carbon fiber/carbon kevlar, they are perfect for people willing to run wider wheels (+45MM in the rear, + 35MM in the front).
They also give a unique style to your Roadster: Wider, meaner, more aggressive.
- Fits on existing fenders - 8 pieces kit with full structure
- Can be riveted on for a raw racing look
- Allow you to run 9J or even 10J wheels (17x9 ET28/17 Work Emotion Kiwami wheels pictured on the grey NC)
- Made on our NC2 so the front pieces that fit on the front bumper might need some work if fitted on a NC1 or NC3
- Widebody
If you need only one side or one piece, shoot us an email: info@carbonmiata.com


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